Article (March-2020)


Decode Pesonality For Organisational SUCCESS A Cosmo-Psycho Tool

Dr. Vipul Saxena

Designation : -   President & CPO

Organization : -  ABG Group (Shipyard, Cement & Shipping), Mumbai


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Historically, the tenure of most CEOs, business heads and key functional leaders of the best organizations globally have been short-lived despite these leaders being highly talented with credible academic qualifications, high caliber & proven track records. One common factor that came to light was that they failed at a critical point of business decision.

The book has been crafted using well-researched & scientifically-analysed data and successfully introduces a new term in the personality spectrum, i.e., Precast Personality.

The book argues that it is the Precast Personality of incumbent that plays a predominant role over Apparent Personality acquired through high profile academic/management courses to suit the assigned role resulting into the failure at “a critical point of business decision.”

The book blends Occult Sciences and Psychology to conceptualize & derive a Theory for decoding Personality to achieve Organisational Success. The book ultimately leads to design a Cosmo-Psycho Tool to decode Personality of incumbent.

There are many types of Occult Sciences and Psychometric Tools in practice across Corporates globally, this book refer only those can be used for Personality Predictive analysis of leadership positions, especially for the purpose of Organisation’s Human Resources Management goals aligned with Business Goals.

This Book "Decode Personality for Organisational Success - a Cosmo-Psycho Tool" is an attempt to derive a formal theory out of his experience to decode Personality through Astrological inputs interpreted into Psychometric terminology which relates to current era Industry.