Deal relationship issues at work with caution and respect

Deal relationship issues at work with caution and respect
It's important to recognize that relationships at work should always be one of consent and respect. Employees should never feel pressured on romantic relationships at work, and unwanted advances or harassment should never be tolerated.

Do you think that with the rise of diversity and Inclusion at workplace, there is also rise in workplace romance in organisations? If that is so, how do you view this phenomenon?

SM A diverse and inclusive workplace brings together people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that leads to creativity, innovation & exposure to novel ideas and approaches.

Besides, with the war for talent, boundaries are diminishing, and global mobility is on rise, thereby, a diverse and inclusive workforce helps companies better understand and connect with a wider range of customers and clients, including people from different cultural backgrounds.

Balanced gender representation also helps cross-gender teams with a broader range of perspectives, aids creative problem-solving and helps companies stay competitive and adapt to changing market conditions. Besides each gender comes along with certain inherent strengths and competencies that complement organisations’ culture, performance, and growth.

There is a...

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Samriti Malhotra

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