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Newgen offers interest free loans to employees to beat financial crisis amid covid



Dr. S J Raj, Senior Vice-President (Human Resources Operations), Newgen Software Technologies Limited


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Our dedicated COVID-19 response team, directly led by the top management, is working round the clock to lend a helping hand to our employees and their families.

Q.1. How is Newgen dealing with the second wave of COVID-19?

The second wave of COVID-19 is severely impacting people across the nation. The health and safety of our employees remains our topmost priority. We have ensured that our employees continue to work from their homes. We are maintaining continuous communication with our employees, asking them to follow all COVID-related protocols and stay safe.

We are engaging more actively and empathetically with our teams, establishing a strong personal connect with each employee. Also, we are allowing flexibility in our schedules so that our employees can recuperate and take care of their family and friends affected by the pandemic.

Additionally, our dedicated COVID-19 response team, directly led by the top management, is working round the clock to lend a helping hand to our employees and their families.

Q.2. Are there any special measures that your organisation has taken to help its employees brace the second wave of the pandemic?

Our senior leadership team recognized the severity of the situation and has been quick in taking decisions to mobilise our plans and efforts towards ensuring the physical, financial, and mental well-being of our employees. Our COVID-19 response team is helping our employees receive the right treatment at the right time. We have been able to optimise our network of people to offer immediate support in severalcases that needed urgent attention.

Our employees were facing challenges in booking medical appointments. To combat this, we are providing aCOVID-19 testing facility and have collaborated with two qualified doctors from reputed hospitals for providing free tele-consultation to our employees. Over 70 patients  are engaging with these doctors every day for medical assistance and support.

Additionally, we are planning free vaccination drives in our office premises, in collaboration with established hospitals, for our employees and their immediate families.

Q.3. Medical resources have become scarce across the nation. Is there anything that your organisation is doing to help employees with this?

Our COVID-19 response team, with assistance from human resources and administration teams, is actively scouting for medical resources. This includes arranging for oxygen supply, hospital beds, medicines, and other logistics that may need to be taken care of. Our response team has even organised plasma transplants for many employees and their family members.

We have funded a pool of oxygen concentrators that are being safely used in rotation by ouremployees to tide over any emergency. This has proven to be lifesaving in certain situations andhas also helped people recover safely in their homes.

Q.4. How are you helping your employees deal with the financial implications of the treatment?

The costs of the treatment of COVID-19 can run very high. Taking cognizance of this, Newgen is providing interest-free loans to all employees. This assistance has been well received across the organisation, with a number of employees availing the same. We have also made exceptions in payroll processing to ensure that employees do not lose out on their monthly incomes in this duration.

Q.5. How your organisation is ensuring the emotional well-being of its employees during this critical time?

We are regularly conducting various awareness and training sessions on boosting health and immunity in multiple groups across the organisation. The sessions include yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and sessions on mental health. To further help boost our employees’ morale, we are internally sharing the stories of our employees who have fought the infection and have successfully recovered.

At the heart of all initiatives is the family values that Newgen continues to promote. Over the course of 29 years, we have combatted several challenging situations, and we are convinced that we will overcome this one too.