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Human touch to digital touch



Shiv Rawat


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I was wondering that how social media has changed our lives, from human touch to digital touch. One way it is giving lots of positive results but another way its pushing away from the reality/emotion/feelings.

I was wondering that how social media has changed our lives, from human touch to digital touch. One way it is giving lots of positive results but another way it's pushing away from the reality/emotion/feelings. Today we are so used to it that even if we are on the last day of our life, we would prefer to choose our phone or other e-gadgets over our beloved family. Even whenever we are in hospital we don't leave any chance to update our status and look for digital sympathy. Many of you are aware that updating status all the time can put you and your family in trouble. Think??

One photo went viral in social media about one of the selfies wherein in all the friends was giving pose for the selfie in the pond and on the other side, one boy drowned in the pond. We are so crazy about social media, even if we go for any event or picnic with our family we see how fast we can take the picture and post in our group and wait for like and comments. Sometimes these comments are so fake and despite knowing the reality we choose to live in illusion.

We have seen people go to any level to take the pic or video, they will risk their lives by going to some dangerous places and once they click they feel that they have won the world in the reel but in the real life we have seen many such cases where people have lost their precious life.

Fallacy and illusions are construed as perceived reality in today's world by many people. In one video one gentleman was asking people that instead of helping someone in trouble you are taking the videos and when a human being lost his/her life then they go for the candle march. What is this, where is our human touch, how did we forget about those golden old days where we don't have any essence of the social media and we used to spend our time with our family, friends, colleagues and we use to help each other. We use to enjoy each and every moment of our lives and feel the human touch within the world.

Recently during travelling my next passenger was old person and he started talking with me. Then he took something out from his lunch box and offered me parathas. I said I am ok and just had the lunch. He mentioned with lot of emotion and smile that although he has also had the lunch but his sister has given this paratha to him so he is eating it. I can feel the emotion, human touch of the brother and sister. As a stranger, he has left a strong image in front of me. Nowadays we don't have any time to talk to the passenger sitting next to us or even the family sitting next to us while travelling because we are so busy with our DIGITAL LIFE AND LEAVING BEHIND OUR HUMAN LIFE.

Though I also use social media but I do it in a very structured way and fix up a time for all. For me Human touch comes first and then the residual time is spent in the digital world. Digital world has reduced us to words, smilies and few lines less emotions. We wish birthday to our near and dear by WhatsApp by sending a message but we don't call them over the phone. We forget that this is the only opportunity when we can talk to someone to whom we don't talk due to "busyness".

Let's do some analysis about ourselves and see if we can keep our phone/gadgets away when we are with our beloved family, let us visit and thank all the people by reaching them personally and not through any social media. Let us start this practice. Trust me the benefits are more than copious. Feel the strengths of human touch.