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How recruitment is regaining momentum



Neha Bagaria - Founder & CEO, JobsForHer


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Out of 1000+ women who took the poll, over 40% stated their desire for flexible options that allow a certain amount of work from home

2020 has been an arduous year for companies and job seekers. But corporate India is slowly but surely warming up to the remote working trend and reinventing the workplace with the help of technology.

Even as India grapples with a decline of 23.9% in GDP the sharpest among major economies services such as hotels, restaurants, hospitality and airlines have borne the maximum brunt of the pandemic.

With the countrys Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian stating that India is expecting a V-shaped recovery one cant help but see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Its heartening that corporate India has stepped up its hiring game to leverage the remote working trend, thus creating more job opportunities for women across the country.

How Work-From-Home Roles are Evolving

With full-time roles also being opened up for remote working, many potential candidates are now a step closer to their dream job regardless of the career stage theyre in.

To keep a check on this trend, JobsForHer recently conducted a poll to understand the career needs of women as companies limp back to normalcy.

Out of 1000+ women who took the poll, over 40% stated their desire for flexible options that allow a certain amount of work from home

in the post-COVID world as the deciding factor when it comes to their jobs. The option of working from home and/or visiting the office when required is the best option according to them as they adapt to the changing corporate world and family needs.

This in tandem with the 62% increase in job applications that JobsForHer saw on its platform between April and July and a 55% average increase in the number of work-from-home jobs posted by companies. We hope to see more companies hire capable women professionals to fill their roles in the coming months.

Whats more, the nature of the WFH jobs also evolved.

Previously, most of the work-from-home roles used to be in telesales, data entry, content writing, etc, but today, they include SAP consultants, UI/UX designers, App developers, Accountants, Teachers.

And these new postings have opened up a world of opportunities for women not just in Tier 1 cities, but also those in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities who are skilled, qualified and capable but just didnt have enough job opportunities in those cities.

Digitisation and the corporate world

The next big challenge that was faced by companies and individuals was the push toward digitisation and taking the giant technology leap.

Suddenly, companies started revamping their supply chains, their business models, their operations to leverage technology to keep business running. And increasing their tech competencies was priority.

And as these companies started to tech up, they realised the need to ensure sufficient participation of women in their companies to be able to develop and build products and services that would serve the needs of both men and women.

Women in leadership positions

The other notable change has been the need to increase womens participation in leadership roles.

The pandemic has brought to the fore some striking leadership qualities in women worldwide German Chancellor Angela Markels early adoption of widespread testing, the compassionate approach by Norways Prime Minister Erna Solberg, the strong yet personal communication by New Zealands Prime Minister Jacinda Arden with her check-ins using Facebook Live.

These and more women leaders have shown us how empathy and solidarity in working with their teams and societies can soften the blow of a global health crisis.

Needless to say that companies are now realising how crucial it is to have more women in their leadership ranks.

Theyre now putting their heads together to also create a pipeline of women leaders from among their women employees.

Structured mentorship, sponsorship and networking platforms for women are important steps in this direction and a trend which will continue to grow to ensure the world has more women leaders.

Hello virtual hiring

Even as the corporate world grapples to find its foothold once again, it is reassuring to see that employers have stepped up to the challenge and ventured into the virtual world.

To delve deeper into the virtual hiring trend thats catching up, JobsForHer conducted a poll to understand how women job seekers are viewing this drift into online recruitment.

The results revealed that out of 1000+ respondents, 90% women were comfortable with the virtual hiring process because it saves time and is convenient.

It gives them the opportunity to attend interviews at otherwise far-away locations thereby cutting down on the commute, gives them adequate time to prepare and be present for the interview on time which are conducted in a quick and efficient manner.

Needless to say, virtual hiring comes with plenty of benefits for companies as well:

  • It enables high-impact employer branding and diversity hiring promotion: with access to a larger candidate pool as compared to an offline hiring event
  • Create optimum reach & engagement
  • Connect, engage and recruit the best talent not limited by geographical boundaries.

JobsForHers Her Rising 2020 to be held on September 19th bears testimony to the positive impact of virtual hiring. With over 3000 women and 50+ companies participating in this event, it is heartening to note that despite the pandemic, candidates AND employers are stepping up to the challenge.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The COVID-19 situation may have forced candidates to rethink their career plans and companies to realign their hiring goals. But it has undeniably opened up several job opportunities especially for women across the country.

Aiming at a gender-neutral workforce

Companies are using this virtual career event to correct the gender imbalance and recruit qualified candidates. And that can only mean good news.

Because this is the right time to amend, improve and remodel hiring goals.

Because this is the right time to be a game-changer in the world of work and provide equal opportunities for men and women.

Because diversity is not just a recruitment strategy; it drives business results.

A crisis to make us resilient

It has taken nothing more than a virus to shake up the job market world-wide. How we get past it depends on how resilient we are. Whether as a company that is stepping up and adapting to the future of work, or as a candidate venturing a bold career move to gain / regain financial stability, it is a win-win for all.

We look forward to having more women start, restart and rise in their careers this year with many more companies to add to the already growing list!