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Tanjul Saxena - Management & Education consultant, Jaipur


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It is time to be genuinely humble and serious about Make in India, Buy in India, and Spend in India. Practicing these in action can be our small thank you to what the governance has been able to achieve for a country as mammoth and diverse like India.

India has been riding high not only in its agricultural success story and food sufficiency ( even surplus), but the recent COVID crisis has also placed India on a high tide of reliance for  life saving drugs on the universal map despite its sub optimal health infrastructure and expenditure. On April 24, 2020, the  Prime Minister of India,  Mr Narendra Modi, while addressing on the Panchayati Raj day  also stressed  upon the self-reliance that this crisis has taught us. Where macro self-reliance is a national,   state and district agenda, micro self-reliance is a personal agenda.


The present crisis has taught each one of us , the hard way,  self-reliance, perseverance and resilience. We must not let the teaching moment lose momentum now. Instead of going to old ways of life and living , we must embrace the new  reality and persevere for self-reliance in micro and macro life. From interdependence to independence and from imposed discipline to self-discipline, the majority of us   have demonstrated evolution and adaptation that only a culture with strong roots can nurture. From baking our breads to making masks at home and doing the household chores,  the typical middle class family made a  strong case in favour of self-reliance. The  stretch of activities that we performed and needs that we  fulfilled in a very resilient  manner during the locked down time can be a good starting point to anchor self-reliance for future. Technologically handicapped baby boomer and gen X exhibited increased self-reliance by using   digital transactions and the all pervasive number-challenged  generations navigated esoteric graphs to comprehend information  in a new-to-the-world -situation. Taking the case of self-reliance forward I urge my fellow beings to  consider some thoughts on personal level self-reliance and how we can all also contribute to national self-reliance in several facets  of life after the imposed restriction is relaxed.


We all appreciate that whenever the lockdown is lifted, irrespective of date,  it will not take away with it either the virus or the virality of virus or  the danger lurking at every suspended droplet in the atmosphere, overnight. Here is where once again the onus will be on individuals to not only continue relying on self for safety and protection but also contributing our bit to social advocacy and national support by imposing minimum burden on already  challenged national health system.  The time is also ripe to start backing home-industries that showed solidarity either overtly by contribution and donation or by covert support of local kirana shops fulfilling daily needs. It is also time to acknowledge , appreciate and advocate state run services like healthcare , police, civil society  and other grass root level local administration and governance  ministry and spare them from undue ridiculing and comparison  with the shiny and  glossy  private sector  that has the liberty to offer discretionary services in times of need. It is time to be genuinely humble and serious  about ‘Make in India’, ‘Buy in India’, and ‘Spend in India’ . Practicing these  in action  can be our small “thank you” to what the governance has been able to achieve for a country as mammoth  and diverse like India. 


Having said that, let it also be a clarion  call for the public sector to let not the new found faith and sheen  in the state offered service, retrograde and use this crisis intelligently, for maintaining the momentum and reputation  in good times too.