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Improving idiosyncratic workplace behavior



Prof. Dr. Harleen Mahajan & Prof. Dr. Ranjana Dureja - Assistant Professors, L.J Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad


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He is the Twitter co-founder. He also works voraciously but themes the days so as to make working as thrill. Like Monday is management day and Tuesday is product development day. By doing so the various departments are able to achieve the various targets in different fields rather than being stuck to the one.

It has been identified that professionals those pursuit for leisure or interest at workplace are more likely to grow, excel and helps in carving once own future. Furthermore research suggests, engaging in hobbies or interests may help us to think creatively and enhances our analytical capacity. A study in the National Library of Medicine proved that the leisure activities help a person to manage stress and makes him /her come out of workplace stress and burnouts. Rationally, idiosyncratic workplace habits help us in breaching ceilings and ignoring convention of traditional workplace environment and reinforce contemporary explication for successful workplace.

Idiosyncratic Traits and Behaviors:

Idiosyncratic traits are precise traits, interests or habits that define individual personalities and govern individual behaviors. The Idiosyncratic behaviors are unconventional actions adjusted with own feelings and belief, self-directed and independent behavior. Further idiosyncratic behaviors foster interesting, inner directed existence that motivates you to follow your comfort by balancing your heart and mind.

Idiosyncratic Individual Behaviors: An Idealizeddistinctiveness

Dr. John M. Oldham envisages different dimensions of Idiosyncratic Behavior. These dimensions augment self idealized strength, virtues or physical or psychological peculiarities of individuals

Inner life. Idiosyncratic individuals govern by self assumptions or beliefs or approaches of life which may or may not be accept by the public or societal order.

Own world. Idiosyncratic individuals are independent and self-regulating and may not require much admiration and believe in retaining selective relationships.

Own thing. Idiosyncratic individuals create fascinating often unconventional, eccentric lifestyles.

Expanded reality.Idiosyncratic individuals are open to acceptance, the extrasensory and highly perceptive individuals.

Metaphysics. Idiosyncratic individuals are exploring experiences and have abstract and exploratory thinking.

Outward view.Idiosyncratic individuals are inner-directed and follow their own beliefs and strength still peculiar to how other people act in response to their ideas.

Further Idiosyncratic Individuals are competent performers and have varied interests ranging from environment to art, from logical to rational or they may be spiritual in their day to day life experiences.

AnchorManaging Idiosyncrasy: Eccentric Ideas of Legendry Business tycoons

There are leading business professionals who believe in maintaining such workplace habits which lead to increase in their productivity.

Legendary investor Warren Buffett is a thinker and analyser. He does not believe in impulsive decisions instead he reads and spends 80 percent of his time daily on analysing the market. Moreover he believes in laissez-faire approach of management style and gives complete freedom to his employees under him. He does not believe in continuously monitoring them, instead allow them to choose between the options. He believes that the best results come when the employees are given autonomy. The endless reviews, streamlines and bureaucracy levels do not exist in Berkshire Hathaway. This simply exemplify the fact the constant hammering and repetitive instructions only leads to narrow thinking and compulsive actions. Creativity strives when complete freedom is being given to the employees.

Jack Dorsey:He is the Twitter co-founder. He also works voraciously but themes the days so as to make working as thrill. Like Monday is management day and Tuesday is product development day. By doing so the various departments are able to achieve the various targets in different fields rather than being stuck to the one.

Oprah Winfrey: Being the richest African American women of 20th century she has come a long way from her modest upbringing in the rural area of Mississippi. The CEO of Harpo makes sure that she spends at least 20 minutes of the day while doing transcendental meditation which is relating to a spiritual realm. New but at the same time conventional is the mantra where she also endorses the same for her employees.

Rupert Murdoch: the editor-in-chief of American Vogue, nicknamed 'Nuclear Wintour' on account of her habit of quick decision-making in spite of the fact she does not know the in detail about the situation. She once said that she used to pretend that she knew the situation and knew the consequences and the risk factor. This might help her in getting the desired results in less amount of time.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu: The Japanese inventor of floppy disk likes to brainstorm a lot in a room known as calm roomwhich blocks radio and TV waves. This room is without nails and tiled in 24-karat gold. Also he likes to generate new ideas underwater or in his personal elevator to which he refers its a vertical moving room. He believes best of his ideas are generated when he gets lack of oxygen underwater during his dives. He also records all these ideas underwater.

Mark Zuckerberg: Known for his excellence in every field, he sets a new target for himself every year like learning Chinese language, running a mile every day, wearing a tie at workplace, visiting each US state etc. He learns every day and strives for it. Being a dynamic and powerful personality he dresses up same everyday as sports jeans, sneakers and a gray t-shirt. In an interview he revealed that this leads too many befits as he needs not to waste time everyday thinking what to wear and makes room for achievements rather than clothes in his life.

Prof. Dr. Harleen Mahajan Prof. Dr. Ranjana Dureja