Article (May-2018)


Connected or Disconnected

Micke Darmell & Kapil Rampal

Designation : -   Authors

Organization : -  SAGE Publications India Pvt. Ltd.


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While going through the pages of the book written by Mike Darmell and kapil rampal, I remembered of a scene at airport while waiting for a flight. There was a family of four-husband, wife and two grown up children sitting in front of me busy all the time with their mobile phone and no one was talking to each other for about one hour.
This is the impact of connected world on our life, personal relationship and society at large. The book puts before us the challenges and opportunities of the new world of technology where we live in connected with the wire but forgetting to connect with each other at human level.
This new world has not only changed the working style of human beings but also the thought process where humans are being replaced by artificial intelligence. It is impacting our lives at personal and professional level. On an individual level, we have embraced the virtual world without considering the repercussions. The technology which has connected us all over the world has virtually snatched our personal time meant for family and converted the working class in to a 24x7 workforce increasing the issues of work life balance. The book is the need of the hour. It makes an essential reading for all who would like to manage their lives better and use the benefits of connected world.
The book offers the perspective as to how to handle the challenges constant connection confronts to our healthy life and relationship with work life balance. You need to go back to your basics of personal connect sometimes and take a disconnect from this connected world also.