Collaboration for common purpose

Collaboration for common purpose
As we move ahead, with times, more and more such virtual team works will increase. Hence we need to respect the time zones; we need to give time to familiarize. Share best practices. Form buddies, to work together on certain task. Show gratitude.
How do you define teamwork in contemporary terms?
IS “Great things are business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people”. – Steve Jobs. That is in my mind the definition of team work – Great things. It is team who are formed across function to generate ideas for product development, to develop strategy, to deliver great results.
Organizations work in metrics today to cross pollinate with the aim to inspire and influence between diversity, to resolve issue, to achieve a common goal. Teamwork is and always has been the willingness of people to work together towards a common purpose. For this it is imperative that for any team to be effective, each team member is to have both the right attitude as well as the right behavior. A sense of unity, enthusiasm and accountability!
Team work in recent times is collaboration of...

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Indrani Saha

Director-Human Resources at Diebold Nixdorf (India), Mumbai

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