Article (June-2021)


Coach must be ready to Embrace the Unpredictability

Shweta Handa-Gupta

Designation : -   Chief Innovator

Organization : -  QuadraBrain® Transformation Solutions, Delhi


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Does Coaching really work in organisations and help transform the business?

SH In the words of one of my clients, "I'm learning new things about myself and my business in every conversation. The ideas and possibilities this makes available to me was unimaginable."

A proficient coach takes you on a journey of generative exploration with a clear future focus. These two are the most powerful things that are needed by every business and leader to enhance their strategic vision and to master change.

In my experience, coaching is a very powerful tool to transform the business. Equally, it can help pivot, stabilize, consolidate and so forth depending on the larger goal of the coaching engagement.

Coaching is one of the most effective methods for organisations to enhance leadership capability, heighten collective ownership and build stronger organisational networks.

What are the coaching skills a coach should have?

SH The most important skill for a coach is the ability to see the best in every client; to hold the client with "unconditional positive regard" and believe they are whole and capable to find their own solutions.

A proficient coach is able to use their intuition, observation along incisive, generative questions to help expand clients' awareness and help them find patterns. To help clients discover how these patterns serve/ block them and to work with the patterns to navigate to success.

Other key skills include :

  • The ability to sustain a mindset that is open, curious and client centered.
  • The ability to listen beyond what is being said and evoke awareness.
  • The ability to maintain forward momentum and future focus.
  • The ability to notice their own beliefs and patterns and to ensure these do not influence the coaching process or the client adversely.

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