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Co. should discourage short term solutions

Bhaskar Dhariwal

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The COVID-19 pandemic has overturned nearly every aspect of life, whether it is personal how people use to live and work in a Pre Covid Situation to the professional: how organizations use to interact with their customers, how customers choose and purchase products and services, how supply chains deliver them. Entire environment where we use to operate and presently operating is totally changed.

My question to HR fraternity is: What you have changed in your working style, your approaches for aligning the HR Practices with business? Other than ensuring social distancing and going digital. This is a thought provoking question for many HR professionals.

In a recent survey by leading consulting firm of more than 200 organizations across industries, more than 90 percent of executives said they expect the fallout from COVID-19 to fundamentally change the way they do business over the next five years, with almost as many asserting that the crisis will have a lasting impact on their customers' needs.

It's very easy recruit the employees keeping the business requirement in mind but somewhere we need to recheck the strategic role of Human Resource as a department, where HUMAN comes first. In this whole case, Saurabh has followed the business requirement, but how a HR Professional can add a one sided clause in appointment letter for not leaving the organization till next three years. HR must act as a Human department and a Human section will always balance between employees & organizational interest. First mistake committed by Mr. Saurabh in my opinion was implementing the one sided guarantee bond for fresh engineering graduates. If the guarantee bond would have been with two sided terms and conditions, management definitely would have taken a second thought, before telling the HR to terminate the contract.

For any organization, culture is always top Driven. The culture set by the top management, will percolate down the line. Here if we talk about the culture,

  • It is totally an immature kind of culture I have observed wherein one day someone has recruited 100 employees and on another day asking HR to terminate the contract.
  • So much focus on fresh engineering training & experienced candidate training regarding project but not training to team leaders: How to behave with new joiners, how to resolve the grievance and queries and how to get the work done from high potential employees.

Many companies do the recruitment in a very aggressive manner for future business expansions but when situation comes, do not hesitate to take an extreme step, i.e. terminating the contract/ employment. If the step of recruitment is taken, considering the future projects, company must see the depth available inside, that up to what extent they can accommodate the jerk, if business does not go as expected.

It's very easy to blame the "Situation" for someone's failure. Business leaders in close coordination with HR are responsible for taking strategic business decision. Business leaders who don't give the due importance to the HR function, tend to fail very swiftly.

The role of HR is very important in taking business decisions in current scenario, a proactive HR Professional would have taken the whole situation in a different manner by taking following steps:

1. Sitting with business leader and understand the business requirement.

2. Completing the Joining of fresh engineers & experienced candidates in a staggered manner, in place of inducting all the 100 at same time. (planning part)

3. Again planning of project training in a staggered manner in line with the business requirement.

4. After giving the 20 bright candidate for an important project, HR must be in touch with all those candidates, and must have check on their nerves.

5. When HR Head got the information regarding the frictions between team leaders & fresh engineers, there must be some planned HR interventions by HR Head for making both the parties comfortable and closing the project in a Win-Win situation.

6. Covid-19 has put many organizations in a dilemma that whatever they were focusing in a Pre-Covid Situation, will help them for survival in a post Covid situation or not.

Corrective actions proposed in present condition:

1. Remind the top managementregarding the Impact on brand Image of organization, after terminating 100 fresh engineers.

2. Terminating 100 Fresh Engineers can be a short term solution but when actually there will be a need of manpower, who would like to join such organization.

3. Saurabh must not hesitate talking to CEO on this matter with a proper supporting plan:

  • Completion of required technical & behavioral trainings in a very planned and effective manner.
  • Transferring the employees at other location or on other projects.
  • Putting them on a bench for future projects.

There can be alternatives, other than terminating an employee in such situation. Many good organizations are taking a one step ahead and taking care of mental, physical, & emotional well-being of their employees and their family members, by meeting them on frequent basis, celebrating festival digitally, and at last, ensuring them all will be well and we all are TOGETHER in this crisis time. This too shall pass.