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Changing work world

Anil Kaushik

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Yes! Work world is changing. You can hear the chirm around you. You will need to be operating HR 2.0. It requires to meet new challenges, unknown and unpredictable business environment and of course new workforce. HR2.0 calls for an open workplace culture that embraces knowledge sharing, as well as a flexible one that adapts to the usage and ever-changing trends of technology.  It should lead to an environment in which employees are happy with their work and remain driven towards performance excellence. Increasingly, there is a greater focus on gathering data analytics to gain insights into underlying HR issues. In the changing work world, recruitment should be viewed as a relationship-building process rather than simply 'headhunt'. The social media platform is going to play a crucial role in this changing work world. An interactive process for effective communication two ways would depend on use of tech tools that may foster greater participation from employees. Though it may not be that fast and practical to have ‘flexi working’ and ‘work from home’ in manufacturing sector but certainly, it is going to be practiced in technology and service oriented business. So, HR needs to rethink about the changing work world, which may seek complete transformation.
In our special feature about rethinking the changing work world, top HR professionals from different industry segments share their views through responses to questions posed by BM before them.
Let us also have a look at how judiciary of our country have viewed the employment matters in the last year. The trend is set now, it seems. Judicial pronouncements have clearly drawn the lines. Indiscipline has no place. Matters of integrity, dishonesty and moral turpitude have been dealt with iron hands. In the cases of sexual harassment, courts have stood along with the victim and aggrieved women but at the same time did not hesitate in pronouncing that all acts cannot be termed as sexual harassment unless there is an intent.
BM team has gone through thousands of cases published in various journals in 2017 and has picked up most important, relevant and interesting about 800 hundred cases condensed in one line for you this year, much sought after compilation, as earlier. Our yearly effort on this work has gained a very high reference value for HR fraternity.
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