Article (October-2020)


Case Analysis : The Spike of a specimen

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   AGM - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited


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"There's nothing worse than feeling unseen and unheard in the workplace". These lines of Annie McKee rightly fitted over here in this case. The personality of any human being habitually hinge on family, education, friends and the entire eco-systems of life. Raman was born and brought with a value system, where emphasis are pre-arranged on loyality, dedication and discipline etc. Raman carry all the traits at his work place too. He is having the personas of good communication, friendly teamwork, problem-solving approach, excellence & accuracy in work , reliability and more than this, loyalty towards Company work. His friendly and co-operative attitudes have encircled him good relationship with external influential people. Raman always take foresight views by which the company could get business rather than only doing the routine jobs. The evidences as stipulated in this case, Raman has facilitated the company in sundry incidents -PF liability issue and business prospective in purchasing of high way side lands pool etc. In the PF liability issue, he saved Rs.50 Lakh of the Company by smearing his familiar relationship with competent authority of PF deptt. Despite of good work and behavior, his reporting boss, Mr. Grover has never highlighted his accomplishments before the Management so that he could recognize or awarded for the contribution he made. Raman got only one promotion in tenure of eight years services with average increment of 10% per annum. This all  indicate about the working culture and Management visualization. Undoubtedly, Raman was top performer, having the ability to calmly analyze situations and solve problems without focusing on personal gain. He is having solid and deep trust in his Boss Mr. Grover that's why he always feels free to express feelings and ideas to him. It's a matter of fun that Mr. Grover had always unnoticed Raman efforts. Though  Raman always thought about company benefits, the Management never recognized and appreciated him rather ignored every time. Raman willingly comes forward and used if personal influence  for the interest of the Company. Raman joined the company with an attitude not to change the jobs only for money. Professional people who are willing and able to go above and beyond for their company and colleagues is not easily present in the Market.

Before exploring the leadership style of Mr. Grover, CEO, the line of Mr. Sundar Pichai, CEO,  would be vocalized over here "To not only see your own success, but to focus on the success of others".  Raman case speaks clearly that Mr. Grover was self- centric leader who never bothered to differentiate between an employee who steadily does not meet out performance criterions & a good employee who has hit a slump. A good leader will be sure to look at each employee, and each employee's situation, independently. Here, massive fissures are found. Being a Leader, Mr. Grover, never used metrics, past records/reports, work performance history, personal experience of Raman or other employees to determine a consistent performer or a poor performer which is the primary desired ability of a Leader. When Mr Raman was discussing and convincing Mr. Grover about the future prospective business of Highway side land pool purchasing, he commented that "he should not have by-passed the organization Hierarchy. Instead of coming to him directly, he should have discussed the feedback and idea with his boss and marked it as rumours, unverified feedback". Being a CEO, a leader, he should not ignore the issues that an employee brings up. Instead, he is expected to  dissect the subject and conclude what needs to be static or altered. If a leader is self-centered, he will take acclaim for the successes and place denunciation for the others. Ultimately, this leads to employee becoming discouraged and the business dwindles. All of this has adverse knock-on effects and can lead to team burnout, unproductive processes, and lack of growth in business and unhealthy work environment. The dissatisfaction of Raman was not properly handled by Mr. Grover. The notion of  work ethic may seem intangible, but with a petite deliberation. CEO Mr. Grover should understood how this seemingly amorphous characteristic of Raman makes him the best employee and make efforts to imbibe some core values of a workplace culture. He should pursue the employee's track record of responsibility, reliability and an eye for details. Mr Grover never did so.

At this juncture Mr. Raman can think of meeting Mr. Grover, CEO, and convincing the existing GM (Project), who had taken over the charge of Mr. Grover and make them realize  about their past efforts and contributions, though it's in future domain whether Raman voices should be heard or not ? But he has to convene a rendezvous. Based on duo seniors, future course of action or promise, Raman has to explore for option of sticking with  Resignation or staying. Further, this case history reveals that the Co. has corkscrew intensive approaches for future endeavor. The key reasons Raman got overlooked for recognition is a lack of visibility in the System of the Company, where many decisions are made behind the closed doors by senior leaders. The Essence of favouritism is also in existence.

It's rightly said by Martin Luther King "In-justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

Pramod K Tripathi - Asstt. General Manager - HR, Bajaj Energy Limited (BEL), Lucknow