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Case Analysis - Talk face to face

Bhaskar Dhariwal

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It is a proven fact that majority of conflicts are results of less communication or no communication at all. There is no conflict exists in this world which cannot be resolved with an effective and proper communication.

Differences among people should not be regarded as inherently "good" or "bad." Sometimes differences result in important benefits to the organization; and sometimes they are disruptive, reducing the over-all effectiveness of individuals and organizations, as it was happening in Tapas & Vikas case.

The manager who consistently "pours oil on troubled waters" may not be the most effective manager. Nor is the manager necessarily successful who emphasizes individuality and differences so strongly that cooperation and teamwork are simply afterthoughts. 

Avoidance can be a one of the method of conflict management but it is not always beneficial for the organization. The situation at Alba Ltd. is becoming worse day by day, as both, Mr. Tapan& Vikas is losing their faith and communication with each other.  

A company involved in the manufacturing of automobile parts having no threat of competition and there was no other major players in its external environment, seems to struggling between two leaders and becoming a "tragedy of indecision".

In past also, when company faced the challenge of "change or perish", Tapas decided to change. He brought in positive changes in the technology, systems, and processes and worked hard to maintain Alba's position in the market so it can be safely concluded that Tapas is not an adamant leader who for making any change or for innovation, just the difference between Tapas & Vikas is because of, no communication & lack of trust that resulted in tug of war. 

In case of Tapas & Vikas, It is very difficult to say whose approach for business is right and whose wrong, as both were working for the benefit & creating the value for organization. As far as approach of both, Tapas & Vikas is concerned, both were having a long term beneficial goals in their mind but somewhere both have failed to communicate the same effectively, to each other.

As Tapas is the Managing Director of the organization and holding a responsible position, he must not have a single way of working. For the business development and expansion, branding of the product is also important, but not on the cost of compromising the quality of product. Both the Leaders should sit together, understand each other's point of view and resolve the issues amicably. 

In case of difference of opinion or conflicting perceptions, it is always better to face each other & communicate the opinions effectively.

It is again a responsibility of Mr. Tapas to take Mr. Vikas with him and try to convince with his thoughts for business or get convinced with the thoughts of Mr. Vikas. As Mr. Vikas is a young & ambitious leader and working for the Alba Limited from a long time, need to deal tactfully. Both the leaders must understand the vision of the company and after deciding the priority for business, actions can be taken accordingly. 

Necessary steps for resolution of conflicting perceptions:
1. Acknowledge the conflict or conflicting perceptions: Avoiding the acknowledgement of existence of the conflict may lead to further issues, as it was being happening with Mr. Tapas & Vikas. It is always beneficial to discuss the issue or acknowledge it, once you recognize the issue, you both may start working for resolution of the same.

2. Discuss the impact: Conflicting perceptions at top level will always have a major impact on business, so it is always better to discuss the impact of conflicting perceptions.

3. Agree to cooperative process: As quality of product is necessary for attracting the customer, branding of the same is also essential part of business strategy and both must understand the level of extent and must agree to that. Cooperation of both in each other's field may lead to a better results for future as well. 

4. Agree to communicate: The most important thing throughout the resolution process for everyone is to keep the communication platforms open. The people involved in the process must discuss the issues and their strong feelings.

So, at the end, effective communication, clarity & alignment of employees with the vision, mission & the values of the company is important.