Article (August-2017)


Case Analysis - Litmus test of resources 5Ms

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   Asstt. General Manager - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited (BEL), Lucknow


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In this whole episode in TEXCO, where flip side situations  persist, in this juncture, to say Samir Sethi, MD was wrong or right would not be justifiable, unless, the entire concern would be scrutinize and wrinkled in separate parameters of business strategy & outcome.

Preparatory efforts:- Has Samir prepared the list of all available resources he and his team mates are going to require during the operation of delivery to Kokuna? Has he thought about the constraints of cost, time quality, Technology & delivery within which he has to work? Has he conversed or dream up these facet with his team mate with outlook to obtain their suggestion and assurance? What complexity/ stumbling block are, or can be expected? Did he genuinely encourage his Design & Production team to come up freely with their own ideas/views suggestions? Has he spoken about the trial run of new design sweater as desired to Kokuna? Probably, the answer is NO. These all question are un-answered without focusing on all aspect or impact in this whole affair.

Here do you think that Samir is over reacting? After all, there are business problems?

In the other side, in today cut throat new world of business, the mind set of Samir Sethi as MD is only to achieve the supply of Golf Sweater to Kokuna in time with Quality offered since he had acquired a good & historic deal in TEXCO business history. Naturally, he didn't want to squander a single day considering the 6 week deadline for delivery of 1st consignment to Kokuna. His business anxiety has induced him to communicate the all employee in such a manner/ approach. Communication is the first steps towards constructing the environments where TEXCO employee experience that they are trusted. Samir should keep informed their employees’ about what is happening with the company, how business has been and what issues the TEXCO is endeavor to take in hand. Share good news, as well as point of concern, if Company has got issues, talk about them and involve them. If he endow with an environment in which people are comfortable with giving ideas and providing feedback, the employee will come forward with ideas, feel free to criticize and feel motivated to entrust themselves to unremitting enhancement for production. Samir should message to employees that the Company trust them enough to share the idea, innovation, intuitions. The feeling of trust creates a higher sense of ownership and involvement & employee will come forward with commitment & loyalty which exhibit in their productivity.

It is rightly said “No technology, no systems, no amount of capital investment can guarantee success unless the organization has a committed, dedicated and motivated workforce at all level”. Yes, Before outsourcing the design & production team for making the sweater of new design, he should have to discuss with Team of design & production, adding of external skilled/talented people without exploring the existing resources and other allied resources for timely delivery of consignment to KOKUNA will de-motivate the existing man - force which led to a major drawback for company business in future prospect. Suggestions should be welcomed; a chance for trail production and its outcome should also be given to existing Team with direct involvement of External designer. The Co. employee should be engaged and aligned with External designer which would foster excellence, empowerment, encourage them and recognize creativity, learning and ensuring performance for assigned project.

Keeping the Tuesday meeting as called by MD, Mr Samir, the Sunanda should ask Samir to take individual opinion of some of senior and experienced employee about how could be kokuna assignment would be metalized phase wise. Here, Sunanda had to convince the Samir about the skills set of existing workforce, existing Technology and their nippy alignment with freelance designer & also assignment & affiliation of Tinna & Co. At this point, Sunanda responsibility to persuade the Samir with authentic & realistic approach would definitely more viable. Sunanda has to identify & intimate Samir about the employees who can learn quickly & have ability to align with new designer & design more swiftly and productive. He would consider for participation of freelance Designer & quick learner employee in a good proportionate for long term existence of TEXCO Business prospect. Mapping & announcing the special incentive for the employee who has rendered his outstanding performance & best efforts to achieve the time line with a qualitative manner. The mixing up of existing employee & new hired freelance designer people would give smarter employees which the TEXCO needs in the future.

Initial sell-out- TEXCO needs to engage his senior Team in a discussion about what is quality, style, & time of delivery of historic work order of KOKUNA. Perhaps they need to extend at least a sample of employees across rank, across functions and certainly across the companies to have acquired.

Communicate widely- Once Senior team have clear the assignments details, Samir & team needs comprehensive communication plan to get all employees on board. TEXCO has to perceive that while business target for Kokuna are being met, the long term assignment of Tinna & Co. seems to be ignored. There is a communication issue too... the management has not communicated the process, design & technology; skill set requirement and what it seek to achieve through it, across all level. Samir should discuss with senior team about MAKE OR BREAK. The message must go out to everyone & must be repeated endlessly till the accepted wisdom is institutionalized in a group of people in the TEXCO.

Actions speak louder:- Finally everything TEXCO does must be an affirmation of the product. The Senior Team of TEXCO must now "Walk the Talk" this has the advantage of generating clear ideas & expectation to meet. Several approaches must be allowed even encouraged to flourish the in-house talents within the Co. TEXCO should promote, inspire existing team to learn rapidly with Outsourced freelance designer with a result oriented approach for achieving the all assignments/goal with  all Vendor.

Being a dynamic leader, Samir needs to encourage quick learning at three levels; individual, group and the organization/system level. Creating an environment that cultivate both individual and group learning for a careful incorporation of those conditions, which can provide the necessary support and motivation to the people and product. It is rightly said "it is not the organization but the people in the organization who learn.”

TEXCO's optimistic messages to the employee of all deptt. including Design & Production team would give employees a sense of purpose, a greater meaning in their work/assignment, and they develop an internal locus of control with a strong belief in their ability to control the people, processes & product around them.

TEXCO has to borne in mind that division of labour is important but dignity of labour does have its own significance. The culture in TEXCO is purely result oriented, which could leads to organization dryness. They should have to try to build creativity, team building, trust and sharing or flow of regular information and learning.

Do not let the Litmus (5M") to turns its colour RED………..???