Article (May-2017)


Career mapping- tool to motivate

Aakansha Juneja

Designation : -   HR Consultant

Organization : -  HR Consultant, Mumbai


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Companies keep wondering why there is so much of retention rate in their company instead of providing world class facilities to the employees why they are not satisfied and what do they need? Why employees don't stay with them and when those employees leave again hiring the replacement to become a pain for companies and of course it involves training cost, hiring cost for the employer and make sure if the new employee is satisfied with the new environment.

One of the simple solution and answers to this question of an employer is career mapping of employees I would say one of the best retention methods where employee and employer both get the clear idea of the road they will be walking alongside with each other.

For an employee career mapping is an eye site where he can judge which employee he can train according to his needs of business which will be beneficial for him in future and he does not need to hire anyone else which dissolve the hiring cost, training cost and other cost related to it and of course it shows how sticking to one organization for longer period can be beneficial to employees. This kind of activities also become eye candy for another talent also who urge to come to our organisation as they know the future benefits. Especially for the tech folks, it is very important that their path should be clear and they should be clear with a vision of what's next.

Career mapping is like GPS in your career which will guide employees which path to choose, though will show many routes to an individual but one needs to decide which path they want to walk on. For employees, if their talent and skills are been identified and nurtured by the employer, they tend to show their loyalty towards the company for longer period of time. Career mapping also helps to plan and bridge the gap of who to hire next or the existing employee can be trained.

Purely if we define career mapping is preparing oneself for the future career, which requires a deep understanding of skills and abilities which one should be identified with and plan to take it further. Career mapping ensures availability of people with efficient skills and highly talented employees which is the fair chance for employers to maintain relations with employees and enhance them personally and professionally which is the effective tool to retain employees. Somewhere, down the line, it also helps in succession planning for employees. Employees on senior level who leave the organisation their work can be handed over to other employees till the time replacement doesn't come or things don't get in place. Through this step sometimes young talent also emerges who can handle all the responsibilities at very young age and very efficiently, and young talent also give a wide and different perspective to see the industry and turn the tables for the company which may take things at the different level which could not be even predicted within the organisation. It deepens the ability to communicate with employee and employer and also give strength to the employee to do multitasking which is one of the important factors which employers nowadays look out in employees while hiring.

Career Mapping also helps to mold employees in a way how employer want it and at every stage, employees become flexible of adapting to things which previously they were restricting themselves to do, which widen up their area of ability to learn things in and out the organisation.

Every after the point of time if the session with senior is done of employees they get a clear picture of what's next that makes them motivated to learn and grasp things faster than other employees in the industry do as they keep themselves engaged with present and future trends basically of the industry. To perform an activity by an employee also decreases as they perform every task which is planned for them and as they see the kind of importance they get from the organisation they also tend to stay with that organisation with the longer period of time.
I believe career mapping is one of the important factor and efficient tool to motive an employee and to retain them which also give an advantage to employer to get an idea which employee has hidden talent in them and who can take their organisation further and to greater heights, which also gives a distinct image of an employee to himself.