Article (September-2020)


Book Review - Power of Employee Engagement

Hemant Agarwal

Designation : -   Author

Organization : -  Penman Books


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Almost every employee engagement activity mentioned in the book might have already been said/written by someone and implemented in many of the organizations. The activities mentioned in the book are gathered from different organizations after having one to one conversation with many HR Members, through various forums, books last but not the least research on the internet.

Quite a number of studies state that employee engagement is the psychological connection that an employee feels for their organization, and such a relationship directly influences them to exert some discretionary effort to their work. If this is so, then employee engagement should be considered a competitive advantage for any company or business enterprise irrespective of this size.

Powers of Employee Engagement is the quintessential increasing employee engagement and improving employee satisfaction with proven strategies that apply to any industry. The book offers 151 Employee Engagement Practices and activities that an organization needs to improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

This book offers the best, most cost-effective way about what needs to be done to increase employee satisfaction and engagement in the organization. The book is equally useful for HR Managers, Business Leaders, Managers, Line Leaders, Business Heads, Plants Heads, Corporate Heads, CEO, MD, Top Management and also students who want to pursue their projects in Employee Engagement.