Article (September-2020)


Book Review - Nothing About Business

Harjeet Khanduja

Designation : -   Senior Vice President HR

Organization : -  Reliance Jio


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Nothing About Business by Harjeet Khanduja is not a typical business book by any means, and it wears that demeanour with pride.

This book is not suited to the literature enthusiast who is looking for the greater metaphor in all proceedings through a complicated mixture of carefully picked words. However, this book rings true with a lot of people who believe that important learning are really manifested in the mundane. The author has been writing stories like one would find in this book for a while now on his social media platforms, and this is a compilation of all his learning, and his teachings through the mundane. The book asserts subtly the fact that none of the stories are really about business, but actually about small incidents in daily life that in retrospect have learning that apply to business, or rather life in general.

When an industry HR leader like Harjeet comes out with a book that's focused around business, one expects it to be filled with jargon, specialisation and context that only the most tuned in professionals would be accustomed to. But this book takes the reader by surprise, with one page long micro fiction with a teaching that's brief and direct.

This Amazon bestseller doesn't really have a target audience, in that it is useful for anyone who wishes to read it. Which is why it is so easy to recommend to readers of all ages and walks of life. The stories in this book are short and plain enough that they fit perfectly the short attention spans of today's generation, while also giving brilliant insights into how to manage yourself, your time and your employees better.

Nothing About Business is available now on Amazon as an eBook, and will soon be available as a paperback.