Article (December-2017)


Book Review - Journal of Cross-functional Business Research

Rajib Kumar & Suvendu Narayan Roy

Designation : -   Publisher

Organization : -  Knowgen Education Services Pvt Ltd


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In the new age competitive business environment mere functional excellence may not guarantee organizational success or sustainability; organization executives are required to leverage cross functional approach to make headway. *"Journal of Cross Functional Business Research" (JCBR)* has been launched by Knowgen Education Services Pvt. Ltd. with the primary objective of celebrating and promoting cross functional business thinking toward greater industrial benefit and service to community as a whole.
The quarterly Journal is edited by Rajib Kumar and Suvendu Narayan Roy. With the likes of eminent HR practitioners Indranil Banerjee and Dr. Rana Bandopadhyay, Prof. Imon Ghosh, noted academic Prof. Rajdeep Bakshi, versatile Public Relations & Corporate Relations personality Biswajit Matilal and Dr. S.N. Ray on the Honorary Editorial Board, JCBR holds lot of promise. 
The editors feel that there is seemingly a yawning gap in terms of grasping and responding to industry issues from a cross functional perspective and that their effort would encourage research and empirical studies to address this facet.
The maiden edition contains a reasonable assortment of quality contributions from a diverse spectrum. A paper on the evolving field of industrial social work closely examines the challenges of social workers; the paper does some justice to the needs of new stakeholders in the business scene.
Another paper probes the relationship between HR and Marketing functions in the FMCG sector and delves on how this relationship could be suitably leveraged to achieve greater organizational profitability.
Among other contributions, a Hospitality Doctoral Scholar provides insights into the uncharted area of online channels for distribution of accommodation products in the hotel industry. The Scholar's work is expected to be of value to Hospitality marketers and entrepreneurs.
The neat presentation and layout of the effort is reader engaging reflecting a balance between academic rigour and industrial flexibility in alignment with the mission of editors and promoters. JCBR is modestly priced at Rs. 150/-.
In all, if the maiden edition is any indicator, "Journal of Cross functional Business Research" undeniably holds immense promise in the months and years ahead. It is indeed expected, as envisioned by the editors, to encourage some serious empirical research on assorted issues in the hitherto undermined cross function space and build much needed bridges between academic rigour and industry needs.
(Review by Indranil Banerjee, Kolkata)