Article (September-2020)


Book Review - Crack Your Dream Job

Hemant Agarwal

Designation : -   Author

Organization : -  Penman Books


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CRACK YOUR DREAM JOB is the quintessential simple step by step guide that helps the students to get hired. The ultimate aim of every student studying in college to have a job that they have dreamed of. The journey to the corporate world requires a different mindset altogether. For a student, starting to get placed in an organization is an unusual and critically necessary phase that needs preparation and procedure to be applied as a fresher. Preparation is always the key to most things in life, and it certainly is for people who want to gain employment.

The journey from campus to corporate is the most critical transformation of a lifetime. It will be the turning point of any graduates life.

The book offers the best & effective ways about what should they do to get their placements in their dream Corporates. The book is equally useful for Graduates, Post Graduates, Diplomas who are their final years of college, or pass out Freshers who are searching for jobs.

Specifically, the book helps identifying what our wants in an ideal job, how to invest in ourself, how to prepare for the interview process, and how handle difficult questions & situations. The book explains that until you understands what he value in a position, he cannot truly move forward looking for new opportunities.