Article (July-2017)


Be Different

Sudip Sinha

Designation : -   NLP - ICE Peak Performance & Wellness Coach

Organization : -  Kolkata


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Recently a survey was conducted and 80% people responded that they want success in their life as top priority. They mean success in consistent manner. Now the question is - what do we understand by means of Success? It is not only achieving the milestones one by one rather how strongly and positively you are coming back when you fail and how quickly you are back on track of race is the key index of success.

Second, they responded competition is the key road blocker for their success. Question is, are you ready to compete at all? Are you ready to compete with yourself and then other? As per management guru Mr. Shiv Khera - under the same set of circumstances some people break records some people break themselves. Be a different person to be a high performing consistent winner in your personal and professional life.

Challenge what you do every day. Is it correct to meet your short term and long term goal? Embrace for the change which is only constant in life. Focus on your people skills, prioritization skill and convincing skill to move forward effectively.

Question is the best way of learning, keep on asking yourself to get internal answer for greater visibility which will enable you to define inter strategy. Are you perfect in State of Mind? Do you handle situation always as per your best choice? Remember, you are here to control the situation, not for being controlled by the situation. Always be positive, think positive, act positive, behave positive, react positive so that your positive habit will form and your character will become a positive character.

How many times you appreciate your hard work after achieving success? Do you have peace of mind or it is full of anxiety and confusion? Do you create leader like you or you do create follower? How many people actually feel unsecure when you are off the field? How many people feel comfortable when you take control on situation? How many person's BP gets normal when you are in charge? - that is the KPI of your success.

How healthy you are? How many times do you nurture your body and mind per week? If you start focusing on your creativity and innovation effectively, you will be already in the upper right corner of the graph and staying ahead of average people in the competition and Robot cannot replace you. Be Smart - take simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and tangible approach to be winner of your show.

Go into the deep of any subject with your analytical skill, enhance your communication area, reporting and presentation domain which will provide distinct competitive advantage. Always keep yourself up to date with managerial knowledge and technical skills. Connect People who really adds value to your personal and professional life.

Do not think you are a poor person; you cannot do this. You have all the resources, only your need to nurture to enable the trigger points, catalytic to start working. Lowering self-esteem has been in 90% of the cases who stand far behind the success line.

Take help to help people. Acknowledge and accept the fact that the customer is god. People come to you because they are comfortable in dealing with you. They do not care how much knowledgeable you are, they count how do you care them when they are in crisis situation, as per Mr. Khera. Keep on contributing/adding value to the customers which will be the X factors of customer retention. Take little pain to convert the challenges into the opportunity which is the winning edge. As Per Dr. Kalam - if you want to shine like a sun, get the pain of burning.

You are Sachin of your life. Think of a situation, you are batting the final ball, 4 runs to win the match, got a bouncer, it is now clear choice to you, either leave the ball or play a hook shot to get a boundary or sixer. It is your ability and skill how to handle the situation of bouncer in life.

Be passionate about your work, may be one day your passion will become profession, if not today. Aim high and focus, focus and focus to your objective and goal to get success. Grab new opportunity, materialize them into success to enhance your portfolio in the continuous journey, be opportunistic and proactive. Have faith and trust on yourself which will enable you to grow. Grow yourself and let other grow so that people will get motivated by you and you will become a path shower to them. Positive spirit creates positive vibration which bring positive change to the environment.

Finally scan yourself time to time. Validate who you are? What is the purpose of your life? You are the best creation of your parents and great gift of God, you need to realign yourself to your purpose of contribution and continuous growth.

Learn unlearn and re learn. Learn the art of removing painful past memory. Learn the art of protecting yourself. Self Defense is the best defense. Take past as great learning so that you can accept present as gift else it will be pre sent. Make your dream brighter, bigger, bolder and take small steps to achieve your goals. Always have the plan B ready, multiple exit route must be tested and executed to avoid single point of failure.

Focus on your accountability and responsibility. Give special care on your service delivery which is committed, timeline and quality cannot be deviated by any means to have full control on your image and reputation. Celebrate your success with others, inspire others to get self-motivated.

Relax, take deep breath and relax. Take a break to rejuvenate, re calibrate yourself. Every machine requires restart, do a self re start after specific timeline else life will automatically press the Panic Button. Be yourself, be confident, be joyful, resourceful, Happy and Healthy. Live Life as a King Size.