Article (June-2019)


Are your employees really happy?

Dr. Aparna Sharma

Designation : -   Board Member, Thought Leader

Organization : -   Best Selling Author & Motivational Speaker, Mumbai


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Organisations are increasingly trying different ways to keep their employees happy. This not only gives them more productive employees, it also helps to retain them.

"The TWINS" as I call them - EVPs , Employer & Employee Value Propositions  are constantly being worked upon & as long as they are aligned, chances are you have a happy, motivated & engaged workforce.

While surveys like Employee Satisfaction Survey, or Engagement Survey give some indications, however there may still be areas that they don't capture or bring out.

Given my experience, here are 10 tell-all signs to know if your employees are happy.

1. Smiling employees

Glance around to see if your employees are genuinely smiling. Real smiles include happy eyes. When speaking with your employees, observe their smiles, or lack thereof. Are they naturally showing happiness? Do their smiles reflect genuine joy? Happiness from engaged employees emanates from their heart.

2. Role customization


3. Come early to work

Happy employees do not come to work earlier than others, because they want to show off or fear losing their jobs by being late. Motivated & happy employees are happy stretching themselves to complete projects on time or even before the deadline if feasible. They do it for the love of their jobs & the organisation, not caring about if someone notices them or even acknowledges them.

4. Friendly relationships with fellow colleagues

It's a personal decision to develop a personal relationship with anyone, and ultimately, a meaningful relationship is an investment. It only makes sense for employees to invest in meaningful relationships with co-workers if they are happy and intend to stay with your company for the long haul.

5. Participating in work events after work hours

Employees who engage with co-workers &/clients after regular work hours and demonstrate general interest in the company are typically reflecting happiness with their jobs. Even if your staff members are great friends, employees don't always want to "see" work outside of work. Voluntarily participation in official or casual events after business hours is a fantastic sign that your employees are happy.

6. Taking care of company resources

Are the lights turned off after the meeting is complete or when the room is empty? Are computers left on overnight? Does someone from the group clean the whiteboard after winding up the meeting before leaving the room? Do you see plain paper flying around or being wasted near the printer? Is coffee wasted?

When employees are happy and truly invested in a company, it shows in their conscious effort to make the most of allotted budgets and conserve organisational resources in all possible ways.

7. Keeping one's work area clean

There's a big difference between being disorganized and being unclean. If your employee has an insanely disorganized desk with paper strewn EVERYWHERE, well, that's probably okay. Ideal? No. But it doesn't necessarily mean they're unhappy.

What does indicate unhappiness is lack of cleanliness. Cleanliness is a fundamental part of staying healthy, active, productive, and proud of our situations in life. Employees who voluntarily keep the workplace clean are likely to be happier in their positions than employees who don't.

8. Buzzing with energy@work

Work is an integral part of our lives. In fact, a lot of people derive their sense of identity from their work. Being unhappy can drain a person's energy. It's important to consider how unhappiness with the job could have an overall impact on our overall outlook on life. If a person is miserable for more than 40 hours every week, that depressed mood may very well lead to lethargy and reduced productivity. Happy employees are energized at work & also their energy is contagious to those around them.

9. Demonstrating an optimistic attitude

Do you want to find out which employees are optimistic and happy about your company's future? Hold a meeting. Ask for your employees' thoughts on the company's current activities. Listen for negativity and positivity. Employees who speak negatively may be reflecting unhappiness, but those who speak positively about the company's trajectory are more likely to be happy with their jobs. Optimism about the company's future can lift the spirits of your employees, serving as a great indicator of job satisfaction.

10. Offering creates ideas, solutions & suggestions

Most organisations have formal ways of gathering ideas in suggestion boxes, idea Hackathons etc. and reward employees for best implementable ideas & suggestions. However, the real happy employees don't share ideas or offer solutions for a reward/award. Ideas are valuable, and they can be shared, or they can be kept secret.

If your employees voluntarily take the time to think about the company's future, that's a gift in itself. But if they come up with an amazing idea for your business, they don't necessarily have to tell you about it. When they do, think about what that means? They're enjoying their work enough to improve your company's future - their own perceived future - happily!

So, in a nutshell, happy employees are leaving no stone unturned to give their best at work every day & are keen on growing with the growth of the organisation.

It is equally important for organizations in today's work environment to create a magnetic & compelling business proposition, Shared Vision & Purpose, to the extent of being "Irresistible", build a high level of performance and passion and constantly be aware of any problems that come in the way of being & becoming an organisation worthy for happy & engaged employees!