Article (February-2019)


Anurag should win over trust

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   AGM - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited


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Power of people : Considering the worst state of affairs (inside and outside) of the MacPro Chemicals Ltd. Unit, Firstly, Mr. Anurag should convene a meeting from all category of workmen (Permanent & Contractual) along with representation from others process supervisory staff, take current demand of each representation to assess the gravity of concern from every corner. Once the demand or agenda evaporates from each representation, Mr. Anurag has to publicize that the FIR lodged by police only on the basis of the statement of co-workers who were present in the Hospital and taking care of injured workers. He should also convince them with a version "you people may easily verify with Police that who has lodged the FIR". Coming to know  this reality  that the management had no hand in lodging FIR, the permanent worker would definitely take away their distress and would enter in the mainstream of process within no longer time and possibly sensitize others in favour of Management. Secondly, Mr. Anurag has to convince the other contractual group that the Management is committed to take care of the injured person in every aspect by flashing sympathy and monetary support message among them and should try to get confidence of family members of victim worker to maintain peace in odd situation, and if they found any deviation in his assurance, they are free to raise their hands against Management. Also, he should pronounce about the formation of preliminary investigation committee with a representation of all involved category of workmen to conduct enquiry fairly to find out the truth. On that basis management may plan their further disciplinary proceedings. It will create the acceptance of management action among workers. It will sure give a ray of optimism to all concerned/affected group member. GM-HR, need to tackle the situation very carefully to convince the duo party, permanent operators to bring back on duty to avoid production loss by breaking them and spread strong message from Management about taking disciplinary action who has tried to vanish the life of co-worker and support to them.

2. Management decision to uplift contract workers' living standard is appreciable. If any one group has any issue they can first put up their stand before management for his benefits but have no right to damage other colleague's life and create unrest in organization. Probably, to some extent wages hike of contractual workers was a elicit point and management has not communicated to all category of workmen about the rational for raising the wages of contractual in time. Mr. Anurag should talk with permanent workers about the grievances against increases of wages of contractual workers, listen their concern genuinely, thereafter, speak to management for additional financial support (if rational) to permanent workers. Mr. Anurag has to distinguish that there should be a difference in wages between the permanent & contractual worker and their impact on both parties, before increasing the wages of contractual labour. Most likely, a thiner line has crafted a grumble amongst these two groups.

3. Keeping in  view the loss of production, earlier, a combined picnic tour were arranged since last three years by the Unit considering the motive of team building, belongingness & building of mutual respect & dignity amongst all stake-holders. Arranging the picnic separately, would definitely widen the mindset of each category of workmen in wrong way. Here, decision to hold the picnic tour of permanent and contract worker separately, is a wise decision of Mr. Anurag, otherwise, it could work as a negative Catalyst & amplify the dissatisfaction amongst the each group of worker, which will affect the Industrial harmony.

4. Immediate supervisors of contract workers have a vital role to maintain peace and discipline and take contractual workers back to their working place. Anurag should ensure that this happens. Sometimes, supervisors may be more influential than contractors in such situation. Contractual workers can be assured that management is taking all care of their colleague and position of victim is going gradually normal in hospital. Mr. Anurag should also meet with hospital management as well as local police and should try to make a case of accident due to technical leakage being beyond the human control, and then situation may become normal quickly...

5. GM HR has relied much on Yashwant and not assessed the gravity of control over the same group of workers and his loyalty towards organization. Here, Mr. Anurag has relied on him blindly without evaluating his control over the workers. Anurag expected too much from Yashwant. Its appears in the case that Yashwant had no control over the workers of same group nor he has been recognized as Leader of the group, he only built his fake leadership before management.

6. The whole episode exhibits an Industrial unrest in the Organisation in terms of agitation and production loss & if not tackled in proper way, a multiple agitation by multiple groups of workmen would be on cards, hence, early prudent decision of Management would be helpful in getting it normalize and beneficial for management & other stake holders.
It is rightly said "Pay close attention to people who don't clap when you win."