Article (November-2018)


Anicient Yet Modern Management Concepts in Thirukkural

V. Irai Anbu

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Organization : -  Viva Books Private Limited


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‘Ancient Yet Modern’-an epithet that epitomized the range and depth of the timeless Tamil Classic Thirukkural, some 2000 years ld. Its universalism and profound psychological and philosophical insights make it vibrantly relevant to this day. This book situates the management concepts in Thirukkural in the context of today’s conceptual modules. Striking similarities emerge. This work is marked by depth of scholarship, rigorous analysis and sensitive insights.
This book is based on the author’s research and impressions based on the Tamil classic Thirukkural and has convincingly portrayed that systems of business administration are rules-based, governing every aspect of human resources planning, orientation, performance appraisal, etc. which Kural conceived and supported centuries ago and continues to be relevant in the modern management processes. The author convincingly advocates the ancient ideas and perceptions to present-day management professional and students for effective uses of their skills for helping them in their career success.
Studying HRM concepts dealt with in Thirukkural will provide an enlightening window to link present day theories to ancient understanding of the subject. While the applications may be different, the fundamental principles may be traced to the scripture and their relevance analysed. The present study attempts to find out the modern HRM concepts which could be compared with the administrative strategies advocated in Thirukkural and it will also bring out the similarities and variations between them.