Article (September-2016)


An opportunity to listen to inner voice

Dr. Upinder Dhar & Dr. Santosh Dhar

Designation : -   Vice Chancellor & Dean - Faculty of Doctoral Studies and Research

Organization : -  Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, Indore


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The world of business is not a place meant for everybody. Business means not only getting at the top but also hanging there at any cost. Competition inspires people to stay involved to remain unrestrained. In this rat race, there is always tremendous pressure to perform at any cost. One is lured by short-term success, compelled to find short cuts, hence every possibility to deviate from established professional norms. This eventually leads to resorting to unethical practices and justifying such actions. It compels one to think where one draws the line at competitiveness and one-up-man ship. Where do ethics stand? Business is governed by implicit ethics, and many of the principles are taught as a part of the class curriculum in most of the business schools. In fact, they are increasingly gaining importance along with spirituality at the work place. 

Some experts assert that the class of MBA students can be taken on a seven-day trek to the mountains. The idea behind the trek should be to manage their egos and allow them to listen to their inner voice. At evening sessions, the participants should share their thoughts, hopes, fears and aspirations. The search for true spirituality lied in narrowing the gap between nature within and nature outside. In a sense, it is the search for authenticity. Breakthroughs cannot be made in life without being authentic. Authenticity also demands the ability to listen to inner voice and be guided by it. Future leaders of our society in any field would have to learn to listen to their own inner voice. It is difficult to say that how many students who take a seven-day trek to the mountains will actually do that in their lives, but those who do will not regret it. In fact, they will discover a powerful source of almost infinite energy, faith and combination of both, claim the experts based on their experience. 

Inner Strength and Confidence 
In the past, a lucrative remuneration paid on time made a job attractive for an employee. He/she had just to complete a task and go home. Today, it is a totally different ball game. Any expectation of upward movement is dependent on how one presents himself/herself as an individual. The principles one works on and how he/she confirms that the work is done well, is expected of him/her. As a result, there has to be an increased emphasis on such ideals at the curricula level itself. While ethics is more or less a standard offering in many MBA programs, some institutions have sought to make a distinction by naming it Business Ethics. This creates some confusion in the minds of business school graduates, because they consider that business is different from life and hence the rules are different. What has happened in the recent past is a representation of sensational cases of corporate frauds, wherein the questions are basically asked about ethics and morality.