Article (February-2018)


Access Success

Challa S.S.J. Ram Phani

Designation : -   Author

Organization : -  aimkaam Books


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The essence of what it takes for students to succeed in life and at work is distilled in this crisp and readable book written by Challa Phani. Each chapter dwells on a short and insightful message that can be put to use with ease. The simplicity of the message conveyed is such that one wonders if this were so easy, why it did not occur to them in the first place. The articles are all paced out in an interesting way and the reader is compelled to go to the next one to discover what is new.
Phani has a rare gift of knowing what is the need of the hour for the country? – well trained youth. And for this to be a reality, we need good education and focus. At a time when the country is seized of the ‘Make in India’ mantra, we are lucky to have someone help the youth with what it takes to succeed. The tools and techniques are all available in one place. 
The title – ‘Access Success’ is interesting in itself. To lay your hands on such an assembly of ready to use information and techniques to succeed, Phani has made a huge contribution to the readers. The variety of topic and the simply way to add to the richness of knowledge is a journey of discovery of the success mantra in the shortest period of time. Success is a journey they say. And it starts with but a single step. That step if it were with a book of knowledge, and the experience of many, would be a giant step for any individual. Wish you the best for an easy access to success.