Article (December-2017)


A hole in the ship : the time to Introspect

Pramod Kumar Tripathi

Designation : -   AGM - HR

Organization : -  Bajaj Energy Limited


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Tolerance of Human Needs: The cutting edge of an organization is it's people. The work culture is redefined to bring out the best in employees. While technology, information systems and capital investment are significant to provide a company with a cutting edge, equally important are its people and a well visualized and articulated strategic human resource policy. A multi - location organization having similar nature of business is needed to have a solitary, standardized & well skillful HR policy procedure pertaining to employees benefits. In Altamas Vizag unit, this had taken over by the management of Altamas from Government of India, employee's benefits viz. accommodation, transportation, perks and other welfare amenities were not standardized similar in other units of Altamas fold. The VUCA concept of volatility of the markets had not been taken into consideration by the Altamas & indulging into modernize all units under umbrella of Altamas. Altamas Vizag units has selected/allotted 650 Trainees (in non-executive Cadre) for two years of training period. The trainees selected were full of zeal and delight as they were going to become a part of one of the top notch petroleum company of India. They were expecting for a good infrastructure and future prospective but after seeing the ground reality, their grumble arises with a ray of hope. After induction & plant familiarization, they have raised their voice before the GM personnel during interactive session. The township/flats allotted to these trainees for residing were in wretched conditions, shattered doors & windows, rooms without cots/beds; curtains, without chair & table, no canteen facility inside the residential campus etc. were leading factors for crashing down their enthusiasm. This was the junction of primary distress where the seed of grievances arises and ripened amongst the trainees. The newly recruited trainees were indulging into comparison of other five units of Altamas, where all other amenities had been provided to trainees. The Altamas-Vizag Unit is a part of acquisition hence the entire infrastructure, culture & other conveniences unaltered and unstroked by the management of Vizag Unit. Lack of basic infra and scope of evaluation with other units of Altamas were the prime factors for trainees to denigrate. The management of Altamas Vizag unit should have to rethink and arrange to provide all the basic facilities before on boarding of these trainees at unit. During recruitment or/at the time of joining all the facilities or resources available in the unit should be elaborated in details to new buds by the personnel department to avoid any future hindrances.
Transparency & Disclosure : As other units of Altamas Petroleum Limited has provided well - furnished accommodation, transportation, canteen facility and bonus etc. to all diploma trainees except trainees of Vizag unit.
Decision delayed by indecision : The management of Altamas Vizag Unit had not persuaded to implement the uniformity across the company on the issue of habitant of new buds. They came to know that there is a policy of bonus disbursement to all executives as well as non-executives in other units of Altamas Petroleum Limited. Lack of primary indispensable needs and non - eligibility of bonus at Vizag unit, are the major factors which had lead/sensitized the trainee to get agitated and gherao of G.M.-Works, G.M.-Personnel. Also, the support of line manager to trainee (that their demand is genuine) had got elevated the confidence of trainees for dissent against the management. Un-awareness of GM-Personnel (he shocked by listening this news) pertaining to payments of bonus to trainees at other unit (though it's under ambit of Union - Management Agreement) is also exhibiting the dearth of communication & in some extent lack of uniform corporate policy. To switch the situation G.M. Personnel should give assurance that the matter will be put up before top Management for implementing similar facilities in all units of Altamas Petroleum Limited and issue may be resolved in time by enforcing the relevant policy. Simultaneously, he should have to chart out phase - wise plan Firstly, to convince the higher management to release some funds for betterment of their accommodation & Secondly, disbursement of minimum bonus to them.
Sensitize the Sensitivity : The Altamas Petroleum Limited is a multinational company having several units, Altamas Vizag taken over from Government of India, there was a policy and custom to recruit non-executive post through wards of employee and compensating the death case by way of employment (employment to next of kin), that's why Altamas Vizag Unit had not constructed or provided the hostel, canteen and bonus provision for trainees. As Altamas Petroleum Limited have a policy to provide furnished accommodation to trainees and payment of bonus as a customary on the occasion of Pongal festival but this facility is not available to Vizag Units trainees. The above said duo reasons imbibed the feeling of discrimination and decreasing of enthusiasm amongst the new trainees.
Concluding observations:
Firstly, proper arrangement of transportation for trainees to attend the duties from their residence to plant, prompt action to renovate the available quarter as well as arrangement of furniture and a canteen would toil as catalyst to enhance the enthusiasm of newly recruited trainees. Secondly, GM-Personnel would have to give advice to management with ground feedback of reality to re-structure the HR policy with rationalized manner by allocating the equal status of remuneration and other allied benefits to all trainees or employees irrespective of their location in Altamas Petroleum Limited. It is rightly said by Roy T. Bennett "Respect other people's feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them."