Article (November-2017)


5 Ways to ensure that you have gender diverse workplace

Madhuri Hegde

Designation : -   Founder and CEO

Organization : -  Mayflower Language Services, Bengaluru


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1. Our hiring strategy with a few specific positions allotted for both men and women ensures gender diversity in business teams. The process is fair and equitable without ignoring the merit or capabilities. This has helped in ensuring that we have an equal distribution of women in the workforce.

2. We believe in quality and on - time deliverables. Hence, we empower our employees to work flexibly to get the job done, while providing time for family care and support. Our policies provide opportunities to the entire workforce with flexible work hours and to connect remotely from various cities or countries of residence.

3. Diverse decision making has been a part of our culture since inception. Important business decisions related to employees and projects are all taken by a diverse team of leaders. The managerial team consists of 53% women who play a vital role in the company's daily operations and major decision making.

4. Special opportunities provided in collaboration with our CSR initiative to promote girl child education. We provide internship opportunities for under privileged girls on the basis of their skill, who later have the opportunity to be absorbed to permanent roles. This process helps talented women identify opportunities for career advancement and remove any barriers that might prevent them from succeeding.

5. Knowledge sessions by industry experts are conducted on topics like women safety, work life balance and communication.