5 Key Strategies to improve Employee Relations and the future of work

Leading hybrid teams in the post-pandemic world will have some challenges, but to create a thriving workforce, successful business, and happy customers, HR must start with employees.

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work by accelerating certain trends in workplace practices and speeding up the adoption of automation technologies. Remote working is here to stay and has made the workplace more flexible. As the pandemic recedes, these changes are likely to stick, and organisations must look after their culture and employees’ well-being to ensure that the new workplace leads to a brighter future.

According to McKinsey1, organisations must clearly evaluate these areas to thrive in the post-pandemic world :

Temporary changes in response to the crisis

These changes refer to the modifications that were made in the operating model to rapidly adapt to the social distancing regulations. For example, many companies repurposed workers during the peak of the pandemic by redeploying them to ensure business continuity. The changes in the workforce are not permanent and will be fleeting as the pandemic recedes. They will serve as a lesson in managing crises but continue to be less relevant in the long-term future of...

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SJ Raj

is Senior Vice President, HR Operations, Newgen Software

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SJ Raj

is Senior Vice President, HR Operations, Newgen Software

October 2023

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