Article (February-2021)


2021 will be for HR to drive people agenda

Rakesh Seth

Designation : -   CEO & Chief HR Mentor

Organization : -  REEOCSYYS, Noida


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How do you see the HR landscape in 2021?

RS It is almost a year we have yet to come out of the pandemic times, although vaccine has arrived and recovery has started. However, these are difficult times for every business and its people.

In view of this pandemic experience, I see a big shift in perception about HR as a critical business function for 2021 and onwards. HR has gained a significant acceptance and confidence during pandemic times, and  will a  remain a key function in view of increasing safety norms, health risks, logistical disruptions, more govt. regulated environmental guidelines and standing operating procedures in place.

The true need for HR will be felt in 2021 in terms of managing wellbeing, wellness and welfare of the people. Work from anywhere will be continued for some more time which will result in work being re-architected, workforce potential getting unleashed through multi-tasking, and new short term roles to build a work force for multiple projects in any eventuality.

Major part of the work will be processed through the technology as a result massive digitization of workplace will happen. Digital skills will be in great demand, irrespective of the age people with such skills will remain employable since work is processed from anywhere and anytime.

To provide support HR will be more focused with the building bench strength, talent pool, for functional and cross functional roles to sustain sudden changes due to health risks, and other disruptions. I believe workforce composition will shift from specialists to generalists for permanent roles and specialists roles would either be outsourced or worked through Gigs/consultants.

The most preferred learning mediums would be e-learning, virtual classrooms and webinars for the near future. Organizations are adapting to impart learning with the use of technology. This is now an accepted norm.

In view of the hybrid working model, especially for remote working the chances of communication gaps between the team and the organization could pose a challenge hence, companies have introduced chat bots within the organization to efficiently communicate especially for new on-boarders. It means that organizations will increasingly be deploying artificial learning, machine learning and block chain solutions to stay efficient and agile in a new workplace.

To provide impetus to the localization theme HR will have to develop employee engagements models, talent management systems, performance management and compensation models which will create friendly, harmonious and positive employee relations thereby creating a positive work culture for all types of workforce composition.

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